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Here Are the Best Daily Mail Comments About Those Queen-Rihanna Photoshops

Pretty self-explanatory really.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

If you've been anywhere near the internet over the last couple of days, you'll know Rihanna has been posting Photoshop jobs by artist Freddie Smithson featuring Queen Elizabeth II's head on her body in some of the her most iconic lewks, via Instagram. Behold:

Also, with added Mariah Carey in the caption:

Yeah I don't know either but I am quite sure that I love it.

It also happened to be the Queen's 91st birthday over the weekend, which means that Rihanna's posts might have been in a sort of tribute (though there's definitely a good joke about how Rihanna is the real Queen around here). However, some people unfortunately did not enjoy Rihanna's bit of fun as much as the rest of us. And though Rih caught some negative comments via her own Instagram, nowhere has this disapproval of her RECKLESS and DISRESPECTFUL actions been vocalised more vehemently than in the comments section of known den of rabid royalism, the Daily Mail, who ran a piece featuring the image entitled (deep breath) "'You're a stupid little girl': Rihanna sparks huge backlash as she superimposes Queen Elizabeth's head on to her own raunchy snaps in 'disrespectful' 91st birthday tribute." Catchy.


The Queen is literally the Daily Mail's entire raison d'être – I feel like when you'e been reading it for long enough you get like a sixth sense where your skin just starts to smart ever so slightly when you can feel the Queen needs defending and you drop everything, even if you're holding a child, to hop online and body liberals in the comments section – so obviously the comments on this particular article are a sight to behold. Imagine caring about anything the way Daily Mailreaders care about the Queen. Get you a man who cares about you the way Daily Mailreaders care about the Queen. Anyway, for no particular reason other than 'it's incredibly funny' I have collected here, for you, a gallery of the finest takes on how Rihanna has ruined the world with her Instagram:

5) montanamade

This goes from zero to 100 real quick and I actually completely respect it. We move from "These millennials! No respect for anyone but themselves!" to "Rihanna posting photos of herself with the Queen's head on her is literally the direct work of the devil" incredibly quickly. Though logic is very much not involved I admire montanamade's gusto.

4) MsKitty

This is pretty standard Daily Mail fodder, but I'm sure the Queen will be heartened to know how many fans she has in the US. Cute "RiRi" stylised capitalisation, though.

3) Rhea Listic

Not being funny but if I were Rihanna I would be changing my bio on literally everything to "stupid fur hag". Nice to see that Rhea has a sense of humour, however.


2) Nelly Bell

This one is amazing because it manages to basically call Rihanna a classless wench while also objectifying her, in a devastatingly accurate encapsulation of what women on the internet deal with most days. Thanks Nelly Bell!

1) Wowzers

I have lost all ability to make jokes since they could never quite top this. The Daily Mail has offed me, I am sorry.

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(Image via Rihanna on Instagram)