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Akala Wants You to Use Your Vote for Jeremy Corbyn

The rapper, poet and activist has come out in support of the Labour leader (even though he's not strictly pro-Labour).
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

UK rap just loves Jeremy Corbyn. Recently, a number of grime stars – including JME and Novelist – backed the Islington MP and Labour leader publicly via Twitter. And now Akala, the always vocally woke rapper and poet, has taken to Facebook, for a typically thoughtful and thorough post about why he'll be supporting Labour and Corbyn in the General Election on Thursday 8 June:

In it, Akala notes that up until now, he has never voted in a General Election. But having been impressed by Jeremy Corbyn's voting history, his mind has been changed, and he says that he'll be going out to the polls for the first time to support him. His reasoning, at it's core, is pretty simple:


"The simple fact is, if enough people vote for Corbyn/Labour they will win. In fact there are enough people that did that did not vote at all in the last election to tip the scales decidedly. A Britain led by the SNP and Corbyn's Labour would be drastically different – though still far from utopian, whatever that means – to what the Tories have in mind and have clearly told us they intend."

Like many of us, it seems Akala has simply had enough of a government that refuses to recognise the importance of almost anyone but the rich, while purporting to want to create a more egalitarian society, and he sees an opportunity for real change in Corbyn. But the only way to make that change is by voting, and that's what he's indirectly appealing to his young fans to do here, by explaining why he believes it'll be of benefit. He also notes that there's a long way to go, even if Corbyn is elected, and that Labour is by no means a perfect party. But the fact that he's so enthused by many of Corbyn's planned policies is a big indication of the opposition leader's appeal among young people, a demographic that's often severely neglected by politicians – and that can only ever be a good thing.

Watch the VICE News doc on Corbyn from last year, for a look behind the scenes after he was voted Labour Party leader:

If you're 18 or over you can register to vote in the General Election on 8 June here until 22 May. Go on.

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(Image via Akala on Facebook)