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Check Out This Crazy Shammgod-Turned-Nutmeg

Dusan Domovic Bulut showed off some moves at FIBA's 3x3 Nanjing Challenger. This one's so pretty, it deserves its own name. The NutGod.

Yes, we're all caught up in the high drama of the NBA playoffs right now. (Are you watching this Washington-Boston series, for the love of God?!) But just like people having sexual intercourse, basketball is happening everywhere, and it's pretty great.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) just hosted its 3x3 Nanjing Challenger tournament, and the No. 1 team in the world, the United Arab Emirates' Novi Sad Al Wahda, happens to have this world-destroying player named Dusan Domovic Bulut. Bulut, or @MrBullutproof on Twitter, has a crazy arsenal of moves that would even make The Professor blush.

Just check out this hamjam of two moves, a Shammgod and a nutmeg, that leaves the man's defender seeking therapy. The long extension of his dribble out into uncomfortable territory, and then the long extension to tap the ball down through the legs of his defender—it's so pretty, it deserves its own name. The NutGod.

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