Suss Cunts’ New Video Perfectly Captures the 'Shit Friend'

The Melbourne band nail the thrills and frustrations of the 'shit friend' bestie.
May 10, 2017, 7:12am

The shit friend. One minute you are hugging them for organising that special birthday dinner at your favourite Thai restaurant and the next you are wishing that they choke on the pad thai for all that embarrassing crap they said about you in front of a table of ten.

For anyone with a shit friend, Suss Cunts feel your pain. With songs such as "Anaemic Boyfriend", "Get Laid" and yes, "Shit Friend", the Melbourne three-piece of Nina Renee, Tahlia Eastman and Helena Holmes, call it as they see it, and their latest video captures all the thrills and frustrations of having a 'shit friend' bestie.


Produced and directed by Melbourne writer and director Triana Hernandez, the video captures those close friendships that can be hot and cold. "It's about those passionate friendships you have with a close friend who you love but is also a piece of shit. Your friendship is always on the verge on crumbling and driving you insane but you wouldn't have it any other way," explains Triana.

Taken from their five-song EP that was released last year, the new video features the band drinking beers in the bath, riding a shopping trolley and just being the best of shit friends.

Drummer Tahlia Eastman tells us to expect a new Suss Cunts digital 7" in the coming months but in the meantime enjoy the video for "Shit Friend".

Noisey: Did you really bomb that hill in that trolley?

Tahlia Eastman: We went up and down that hill so many times! Our expressions are of sheer terror and excitement all wrapped into one. I guess risking our lives for the sake of a good shot is just how we roll.

Also beers in the bath is a nice touch. The narrative of the video seems interesting. What was the discussion with Triana before the shoot?

Triana is a thoughtful and considerate director, so we were completely comfortable going into the shoot. I don't drink beer or smoke, so with the prevailing narrative, Triana found a way to include me in the shots without making it look inconsistent. I think the others enjoyed having a cheeky tinny in the bath though!


Are wobbly trolley wheels and detonated buildings a metaphor for a shit friend? What is the first sign of being a shit friend?

Perhaps the falling buildings are a metaphor for the collapse of a friendship – I guess many of our failed friendships have ended with a single destructive action. A shit friend, honestly where do I start… Someone who won't share their snacks with you, someone you can't fart on, someone who is just a complete narcissist or doesn't take your feelings into consideration. It is about hate loving someone, harder to be with them, but you endure for a myriad of reasons.

For a while the band was divided between Melbourne and Sydney. How did that go? Did it open more opportunities in Sydney?

It was really challenging with Nina living in Sydney. We missed her dearly and she was so tired of flying down to Melbourne as often as she did – sometimes twice a month. Helena and I had a nice trip up to Sydney where we played our first interstate show in Marrickville. We were beyond surprised when people actually came, and loved being in Sydney to explore Nina's temporary life.

You are a band who seems fairly into footy. Do you find people outside Melbourne are surprised how much Melbourne bands and people are into footy?

Well Helena hails from Brisbane and is the most devout footy fan so I'm not sure it is necessarily a Melbourne thing anymore. I guess people are a little more confused when I wear a Titleist golf cap on stage, but I guess our secret love of golf isn't as topical as footy!


You all used to work in the same café. Hospo is an industry that a lot of bands, musicians and creative types work in. I did for many years and found it exhausting as you are constantly on your feet and you don't have access to a computer. It made me realise how much labour cuts into peoples creative time.

We did all work in the same café, and feel grateful for the somewhat transient nature hospitality offers creative souls. Hospitality can be tiring, but no more so than sitting in an office, or studying. We have all studied, and some of us still are, so I guess we are lucky that various cafes have allowed us the flexibility to practice art and further our academic pursuits. It is also a a field where many people make a successful and enriching career out of, so we only have encouraging things to say about it.

What was your first show like? How has your live show changed since then besides more songs?

Our first show was at the Gasometer, and it was terrifying. So many expectations – we were so overtly frightened that I imagine it was a nightmare to witness. Since then we have learned that a neat whiskey and a pre-show dance helps to ease the tension, and even if we fuck up, no one actually cares.

Finally, do you get tired of talking about or explaining the band name?

If you are perceptive enough to ask the question, you must know the answer!

Catch Suss Cunts May 13 in Melbourne at the Tote with Idylls and Synthetics.