Prosumer Shares A "Flaming" Remix of Catz 'N Dogz's New Single

The Potion label co-founder shows that restraint can have big payoffs on this version of "Fire Burning When We Are."
May 15, 2017, 7:12pm
Photo of Prosumer by Michael Mann.

Berlin producer Achim Brandenburg, a.k.a. Prosumer, today shared a somnambulant remix of Polish duo Catz 'N Dogz's track "Fire Burning When We Are." Grzegorz Demianczuk and Wojciech Taranczuk's original tune originally appeared on their Watergate 22 mix CD, released in March, and Brandenburg rephrases it here in more driving, pared-back terms. He seems to approach the track like he's tuning a piano, carefully measuring each modulation and letting the sounds ring out for maximum effect.


Demianczuk and Taranczuk gaves THUMP some backstory for how the remix came about over email. "We've known Achim for many years and have been big fans since the beginning," they said. "We invited him to one of our parties in Poznan and have stayed in touch ever since. He doesn't make many remixes, so we were really happy he said 'YES' to this one. It very interesting for us to see what he did with this track because original version is way less funk—he added a lot of groove to it. His mixdowns are also always very interesting because he makes some instruments way too loud, so they pop. We really like this approach to music: playing with the dynamics."

This remix will be released on Catz 'N Dogz's Watergate 22 EP #1, out on May 22. It will be available for preorder starting tomorrow.

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