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NON Worldwide Assembled a Feminist Mixtape for an Indiegogo Campaign

The mix was created for MAMI, a feminist-themed production taking place in NYC later this summer.
Photo credit: Sam Clarke

Filmmaker and musician Dyani Douze, and feminist choreographer and artist Ali Rosa-Salas have teamed up to create MAMI, a large-scale art and lecture series at the massive Queens, New York venue The Knockdown Center. The pair have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the series, and have enlisted the international artists' collective NON Worldwide to help.

According to the campaign page, the feminist-themed MAMI will span a month and include artist installations, a lecture series, several parties, and a performance by the reigning world champions of double-dutch jump rope. Among the fine items being offered, writes Douze, is "an exclusive digital compilation of mixes by womxn/femme-identified producers and DJs," including "NKISI, crystallmess, BAMBII, D0UZE, MA DJ, Marcelline, STUD1NT, and TYGAPAW." The mix was compiled by NON members and is only available to contributors to the campaign. Other items available to donors include the MAMI hat shown in the photo above.

To learn more about MAMI, and to grab the mix with a $10 dollar contribution, visit Douze and Rosa-Salas's Indiegogo page. NON Worldwide will also be hosting a pop-up shop this week as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York.

[Editor's note: A previous version of this piece incorrectly stated Dyani Douze's name as Douzi and Rosa-Salas's occupation as choreographer. She is a curator.]