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Watch Crew Love Get Hyphy On Their European Tour

Farting on the bus, drinking on the bus, singing Shabba Ranks.

Brought to you by the legendary DJ duos of Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap, Crew Love is made up of Pillowtalk, No Regular Play, Navid Izadi, Tanner Ross, Nick Monaco), and Slow Hands. Together they are one of the best groupings of talented beat-dropping and plentiful vibery in all the seven kingdoms. Often pairing their sex-infused beats and wild party antics, with live instrumentation and wacky costumes, this gang of merry misfits has become revered throughout the last couple of years for their Crew Love marathon parties in which the entire family of artists performs, often veering in and out of back to back sets, and always providing a hell of a good time.


Recently the Crew headed out across the pond to Europe to bring their beats to fans throughout cities like Manchester and Berlin, piling the entirety of their bodies onto a double-decker tour bus. It's safe to say that shit went down, and the guys had the briliant insight to include a videographer on board their chariot. They were kind (or perhaps crazy) enough to send us some footage from their European vacation. Behold….

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