Kidnap Kid Turns Moby’s Seminal “Natural Blues” Even Bluer in New Remix

The British producer brings the 1999 single into present day.
December 2, 2016, 4:43pm
Artwork courtesy of the artist

Nearly two decades after electronic music veteran Moby released his 1999 album Play, British producer (and reader of Moby's new book) Kidnap Kid is bringing one of its tracks, "Natural Blues," into the present day with a solemn remix that might just bring you to your knees on the dancefloor.

As Rolling Stone wrote back in 2009, Play propelled Moby into the pop mainstream, but behind the project was a sadness following the critical and commercial failure of his previous LP, Animal Rights. "Natural Blues" absorbs this sentimentality, sampling folk singer Vera Hall's soulful yet sorrow-filled "Trouble So Hard," and one of its two music videos stars a geriatric Moby looking back at his life before letting an angel of death (played by Christina Ricci) carry him away. It's sad, yes, but the ending is somewhat uplifting as a baby is born during his dying moment, continuing on the wondrous circle of life.

With Kidnap Kid's remix, however, there is no sunny reprieve. Instead, it's nearly seven minutes of a melancholic, brooding rhythm that's as increasingly driving as it is emotional—especially when Hall's vocals kick in halfway through.

"Moby has a had a bigger influence on my music than anyone else I can think of," said Kidnap Kid in a statement. "He treads the line between sorrow and joy so delicately and his use of restraint is something that I constantly try to replicate. I was a little daunted when I was offered the chance to rework one of his classics but I'm really pleased with how it has come out."

Listen to Kidnap Kid's remix of Moby's "Natural Blues" below and buy it here.