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Black Dice's Eric Copeland Has a New Single That Feels Like Stepping in Hot Tar

The Black Dice member issues an adhesive track called "On" in advance of his new DFA LP, 'Black Bubblegum'

Over the course of his decade-plus unspooling warped rhythms as part of the pioneering New York-via-Providence noise combo Black Dice, Eric Copeland has proved that experimental music shouldn't be afraid to boogie every now and again. His solo work—a string of albums and singles over the last half decade for DFA, gnarled techno institution L.I.E.S., among other tangential dancefloor orbiters—has sought to demonstrate the inverse, that dance music benefits when you get a little strange. Today, Copeland's back with a new track called "On" and word of a new album, each of which further demonstrate his uniquely twisted perspective.


On July 8, the producer—now based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain—will release a new LP for DFA called Black Bubblegum. While making these songs, Copeland ditched the deconstructed sampling that he used on past recordings in favor of something more "hands-on"—and if lead single "On" (streaming below) is any indication, these new tracks benefit from the love. The humor and wit and general otherworldliness of the recordings remain, but this track, at least, feels a bit more firmly planted on the ground, its rhythms more self-assured even as his keyboard lines and guitar fragments do loop-de-loops around the margins. It's as goofy and adhesive as anything he's released to date—more hot tar stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

You'll want to listen here in advance of Black Bubblegum, out July 8 on DFA.

Black Bubblegum tracklist:

1. Kids In a Coma
2. Rip It
3. Fuck It Up
4. Honorable Mention
5. Blue Honey
6. On
7. Cannibal World
8. Don't Beat Yourself Baby
9. Radio Weapons
10. Get My Own