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Catz ‘N Dogz's "The Joy" Mixes House With Ballet on the Streets of LA

Poland’s finest gets ballet dancers to pirouette downtown in their video for “The Joy.”

Straight outta Szczecin, Poland, the Dirtybird-affiliated duo of Grzegorz Demiańczuk and Wojciech Tarańczuk, better known to the world as Catz 'N Dogz, have developed a reputation for soulful, playful house-centric dance parties. In the video for "The Joy," dancers Lana Vasiljevic and Alexandra Victoria Lee nimbly pirouette their way around downtown Los Angeles as the re-emerging city center bustles around them.


"We didn't plan to make a video for this track," the duo tell THUMP. "But when we saw this material from [director] Valerian Zamel, we felt it would fit the vibe. It's a summery tune you can play while walking down the street of your city."

Directed by Valerian Zamel

Cinematography by Tony Oberstar & Suzaine Aguirre.

Dancers: Lana Vasiljevic & Alexandra Victoria Lee