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Premiere: Joey LaBeija Just Dropped "Shattered Dreams," the Psychotic Video From His Debut Album

It's the title cut off his emotional debut LP for New York label Purple Tape Pedigree.

Meet Joey LaBeija—DJ, producer, Brooklyn club scene staple, and fourth generation member of the House of LaBeija, one of New York's oldest vogue houses. If you've had the pleasure of hearing one of Joey's bewildering DJ sets, you may be surprised by the direction he's taken on his debut album, Shattered Dreams. While his mixes are often wide-reaching pop culture kaleidoscopes that spin together Rihanna and reggaeton with hard-edged edits and originals, his LP is more focused—and more sentimental. "The album was curated to sound more like a movie score than my usual club driven productions," Joey told us over email.


Today, we're premiering the video for the album's title track, which sees Joey more or less losing his mind while joyriding through the mean streets of Kansas City, Missouri. The project was co-directed by LaBeija himself, along with Christian Velasquez and Joseph Bacou. "We keep comparing it to this hypothetical scenario where Hype Williams directs a Marilyn Manson video," Joey said.

"We came up with this narrative that reflected a personal headspace or a darker time in my life and wanted to depict it with specific motifs of cultural milestones which all felt really parallel to everything else I do," he continued.

Shattered Dreams is out now on New York label Purple Tape Pedigree. It's available on wax and digitally via Boomkat, Juno, and Redeye. For US, purchase direct from Purple Tape Pedigree.