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Delve into Swiss-Style Goa Trance in the Third Episode of Night Visions | US | Translation

We meet the producers and DJs at the heart of a massive trance movement that's dominating the sleepy city of Basel.

What do you think of when you think of Switzerland? Army knives, cheese, and a general sense of peace, probably. But what if we told you that down in Basel there was a trance scene? And what if we then told you that that trance scene was all about goa trance? You'd want to find out more right?

We've already jumped headfirst into New York's blossoming ballroom scene, and taken a look at what goes down in Moscow's most underground parties, and the third installment of Night Visions sees us exploring just how a landlocked country in Central Europe came to embrace the sound of an Indian holiday destination.

In a film made possible by Lynx, THUMP heads to the sleepy town of Basel in Switzerland to examine the burgeoning Goa Trance scene. Our exploration introduces us to the DJs and producers at the helm of the trance movement in the city, providing an insight into how the small town with a big music core is flying the flag for dance music.