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Watch the Trailer for SUB.Culture: Montréal

A tightly knit community and government support make this frigid city's music scene so enticingly toasty.

In the latest edition of our explorative SUB.Culture series, we delve into Montreal's dance music scene. As the polar vortex made its way through Eastern Canada, THUMP nestled in as Québec's multi-cultural metropolis prepared for Igloofest?a world-renowned outdoor music festival spread over four weekends through January and February.

Quebec has long since supported Montreal's thriving arts culture through grants and funding, a practice unheard of in most other countries. This infrastructure has fostered a mentality of cooperation and camaraderie within their music scene. Artists, promoters, labels, and fans all have each others backs in Montreal, making it a unique and fervent musical community that's launched the careers of Tiga, Chromeo, and Kaytranada.

We sat down with some of movers and shakers of Montreal's music scene to better understand the pulse that keeps its nightlife alive: From the Saintwoods tastemaker Zach Macklovitch, to co-owner of Turbo Recordings, Thomas Von Party, and the locally respected DJ and producer Christian Pronovost, SUB.Culture Montreal finds out what puts the "real" in "Montreal."