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Video: All Dom Wrong - "Give Myself Away"

Music videos don't need to be complicated. Give us scantily-clad club kids with killer moves and we're all set.
August 9, 2013, 9:00pm

Girls have it easy on the dancefloor. All we have to do is swing our hips, thrust our boobies, raise our arms, sexily nuzzle our own armpits and BOOM—everyone's like, "wow, she's such an amazing dancer." Stunting at sexiness is easy. Breaking it down with real skills like '80s-workout-video-era Paula Abdul—that's a different story. And this new Patrice Mathieu-directed video for All Dom Wrong's soulful diva house jam "Give Myself Away" makes that contrast all too clear.


In it, a couple jubilant guys bust it open in some gentrifying industrial neighborhood while their lady friends try desperately to match their dangerously high swag levels. It's all in good fun though, and ultimately the club kids in their designer sunglasses and throwback flannel just look like they're livin' la vida fabulous. 

But the best parts of the video are All Dom Wrong's random subtitles, where he snidely interjects comments like, "At least someone is getting laid," and, "Man, these white girls really can't dance." The snark makes sense when you realize that Dominique Keegan has been a crusty New York DJ since forever—he's the head honcho of the Plant Music imprint, used to run the beloved East Village watering hole Plant Bar, and was the frontman for early-'00s indie-electro band The Glass. "Give Myself Away" is his debut as All Dom Wrong, and those diva vocals are all Amy Douglas, the self-titled queen of nu-disco.