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The Internet Responds to Ten Walls' Delusional, Homophobic Outburst

The good, the bad, and the ugly from a mad morning in social media.

After posting and then removing an already-infamous homophobic rant that compared homosexuals to pedophiles amidst a flurry of other delusional claims, Lithuanian underground house star Ten Walls AKA Marijus Adomaitis returned to the scene of the crime, Facebook, to offer the below apology.

The world of dance music social media has, understandably, lost its shit. The responses can be broken down into three groups: the e-mob peppering the situation with one liners lambasting the "Walking With Elephants" producer, a cabal of those in support of his homophobic views, and lastly, the occasional voice of reason.


The Peanut Gallery:

Homophobia Supporters

Voices of Reason: