This story is over 5 years old.

Watch Jackmaster Jump Out of a Plane

The Scottish selector went skydiving for a good cause. What have you ever done?

What scares you? Spiders? Unplanned overdraft charges? The thought of dying alone? All valid fears, but honestly, what could be scarier than voluntarily THROWING YOURSELF OUT OF A PLANE THAT IS FLYING IN THE AIR LIKE PLANES DO? Skydiving looks like the literal most scary "hobby" anyone could ever have. Think about it: you are in a plane and you have to jump out of that plane with a few strings and a rucksack strapped on to your back. You rush through the air at manic speed before dropping into a beetroot field belonging to a pissed off farmer. We're sat here shivering just thinking about it.


One man who faced his fear — that specific fear — was Jackmaster. Not only is he one of the UK's best loved and most well respected selectors, it turns out that he's a dab hand at skydiving. If you're asking how we know that, given that we've expressed our mortal fear of ever doing it, then check out the video below for confirmation of his abilities.

Jackmaster took a trip upwards as part of Ray-Ban's Campaign 4 Change initiative, which asks the globe to consider what they can do to positively affect the world we all live in. One of the dominant themes of the campaign sees people challenging themselves and taking on something that terrifies them.

It's not all death-defying stunts though, so next month sees Ray-Ban team up with everyone's favourite livestream pioneers Boiler Room for a massive party somewhere in London. Being billed as a party that wants to 'Mix Up Tradition' it'll see a select group of some of the world's most influential and respected DJs playing special surprise sets that'll show you sides you never knew existed. It's going to be big. Like jumping out of a plane big.

To be in with a chance of joining the rabble on the 23rd of July, you'll need to submit your own Campaign 4 Change over at