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Nick Leng Makes Dance and Indie Hold Hands in "Tunnels and Planes"

Note: No synths were harmed (or used) in the making of this song.

It's often hotly debated whether or not professional training or education have any weight in the quality of an electronic artist's music. While the pendulum often swings both ways equally, Nick Leng is an example of professional training being an obvious advantage.

After becoming a classically trained pianist and studying music composition in San Diego, Nick moved to LA to pursue music full time. Up until now, he's maintained a somewhat low profile. His track "Walking Home" was his only release in 2014. But his debut EP, Tunnels and Planes promises to be Nick's official launch into the big, vast realm of electronic music.


His newest track of the same name "Tunnels and Planes", although has the recognizable elements of an electronic dance track, is largely rooted in the organic sounds of indie music.

Nick does specify one thing.

"Note: No synths were used or harmed in the making of this song."

Listen to the synth-less track by Nick Leng above.

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