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Outsider House Stalwarts Future Times Join Bandcamp, Celebrate with Free Compilation

Stream past, present, and future releases by the likes of Beautiful Swimmers, Huerco S., and Maxmillion Dunbar.

Future Times is a label headed by Mike Petillo (one half of Protect-U) and Andrew Field-Pickering (one half of Beautiful Swimmers), and they've been chugging along since 2008. That means they were around before what could be awkwardly termed the "outsider house explosion" of a couple years ago, which saw labels like Opal Tapes and L.I.E.S. commanding everyone's attention, and here they are in late 2015, still pushing strong.


There's no time like the present, so they say, to join Bandcamp, and that's exactly what the Washington D.C. label have just done. To celebrate, they're offering up the very free and very quality FUTURE TIMES CATALOG +, a 20-track compilation of "Past + Present + Future" releases, featuring everyone from the aforementioned projects to Huerco S. and Maxmillion Dunbar. Stream it out below to get your daily fill of hazy house sounds, while you head to the label's Bandcamp to download.

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