Rain May Have Stopped Digital Dreams, But It Can't Stop the Borgeous Army
All Photos by Elif Rey


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Rain May Have Stopped Digital Dreams, But It Can't Stop the Borgeous Army

Borgeous refused to let the bad weather spoil a thing.
July 8, 2015, 8:25pm

You never anticipate that a music festival could be canceled. It probably never even crosses your mind—what are the chances, right? This year, Toronto experienced that feeling first hand when the first day of Digital Dreams was called off due to bad weather. Everyone has their own story of when they found out the dreaded news, but mine is a little different. It was just as I arrived at the hotel that John Borger, otherwise known as Borgeous, was staying at. The cancellation was clearly a heavy weight on everyone.


But Borger refused to let the bad weather spoil a thing. Despite the change of plans, I was welcome to spend the day with him and his crew anyway. He immediately reassured me saying, "Don't worry Elif, you're in good hands. The rain can't stop the Borgeous Army!" That, as I soon found out, is all too true.

Soon, he was booked to play at Toronto's Uniun Nightclub that evening and thus, the show went on.

Arrived at the hotel and found these two like this. "Sometimes you have to loosen him up. Gotta take care of your man!" says Jace, his tour manager.

Alright, let's make some phone calls and get out of here.

Fans staying nearby, although saddened by the news of Digital Dreams, were quite excited to see John.

Give me that!

He's a natural.

"You look like Angelina Jolie, do you know that?"

Arriving at his manager, Josh Herman's apartment. "Where are you Josh? What is this place? I'm paying you way too much."

I'm hungry. What do you got? Give me food.

Get this! Document this! This guy has my face tattooed on his foot. For real.

Group selfie with the fisheye!

All for one, and one for all!

On our way to the show in a time capsule.

But drinks and food first. We're having a very serious conversation here.

What's up Uniun?!

I have never seen this place so packed. The roof is about to blow off.

In the zone…playing an incredible set.

This party is on!

Very charming John!

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