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'Peep Show's Super Hans Has Announced Plans to Start DJing This Summer

Featuring a bass loop that is so good, when you try turning it off you literally can't do it.
March 23, 2016, 1:53pm

With the final series of Peep Show coming to a close at the end of last year, it's not unreasonable to have presumed that was the last any of us were going to see of the characters. What with David Mitchell shouting lecturing logical observations on panel shows, and Robert Webb slagging off Corbynites on Twitter, it was hard to see who would bear the torch going forward. Well, in exciting news, Super Hans, fucking Super Hans, has just announced he plans to DJ this summer.


So I'm gonna be DJing as Superhans this summer. Watch out for me at festivals, Ibiza, small pubs. Choonz & jokes innit. — Matt King (@RealMattKing)March 22, 2016

Now obviously there are some practicalities to deal with here, namely that Super Hans is of course a fictional character. Luckily though, what's actually going on here is that the actor Matt King is planning to hit the road in character. As he puts it, he plans to appear anywhere from small pubs to Ibiza, and in recent tweets he has joined fans in reaching out to both Glastonbury and Latitude for potential slots.

Now we're not sure what "choons" and "jokes" combined will look like, but we hope it looks something like this.

Matt King is on Twitter.