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Here's Everything That Goes Into Producing a Galantis Performance at One of Las Vegas' Mega-Clubs

The Swedish duo hop off a plane from a sold out show in Los Angeles at midnight to keep the party going in Sin City.
April 25, 2016, 6:10pm

For all the mythology surrounding the lifestyle of famous DJs, it can be easy to forget that behind the dramatic photos and viral hits are midnight flights from city to city, hurried cab rides to and from the airport, and all other kinds of scrambling. And that's not even taking into account the hours and hours of preparation that go into getting a club ready for the big event—long before the talent arrives.


Our latest THUMP Special is a mini-documentary that takes us behind the scenes at the Swedish duo Galantis' debut residency performance at Marquee Las Vegas. In case you thought this kind of event was as simple as a couple DJs showing up with their USB sticks, this should make it clear that getting dance music venues right takes quite a bit more preparation than that. A perfect performance can't happen without a full supporting cast of personalities and months of strategy and planning; every aspect of the experience—from talent scouting to lights and visuals—needs to be minutely orchestrated. If it goes well, though, it's all worth it—as you can see in the video above.