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Low Steppa Conquers America, Promptly Gets in "Trouble" Upon Return

Check a couple tunes from the house-and-garage maestro's forthcoming LP
February 5, 2015, 12:52am

Low Steppa's feeling pretty good right now. Having just returned from conquering the US, the UK maestro is on the verge of releasing Troubles, for free, on his own Simma Black imprint via SoundCloud on February 9. The LP is a stacked collection of tunes that showcases the Brummie producer's ability to undulate between smooth UK house tropes and some of the whompiest bassline garage going at the moment.


"I love both deep house and old school garage," admits Steppa. "My whole sound is based on a fusion of these sounds." Crowd responses to the test rinses of the album's tunes in the States was nothing but positive. "I didn't really know what to expect but I was blown away by the reaction," says Low Steppa. "The crowds went mad at every show and are so into the house, bass, garage, whatever people want to label it as." His favorite night took him to familiar territory for THUMP: "Night Bass in LA with AC Slater. I know loads of people in LA who came to the show so it made it extra special, but all the parties were great. El Paso which was the last show was crazy, I ended up playing for nearly 3 and a half hours."

We've got two tunes from Troubles for premiere that showcase Low Steppa's multifaceted musicality. The first is an acid-leaning bodyjacker with oodles of old school flair. In Low Steppa's words: " 'Good Old Days' is basically a track which shows my true love for house music. It uses a sample that one of my favorite records from around 2002. That was a period when I lived in Bristol and was playing loads of funky and jackin' house and really coming into my own as a DJ. The beat is also old school and again shows my passion for the older vibes."

The second tune is a whompy troublemaker, aptly titled "Troubles." After a shuffle-heavy opening minute, the bass kicks in and it's all over. " 'Troubles' is just pure dirt with a bass heavy feel, jackin' beats and a really old vocal sample," explains Low Steppa. "There's loads of noise and crackle to give it my vintage Low Steppa vibe and I've been getting asked about this track for ages which is great!"

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