​White Isle Journals #14: Solomun Discovers How Much Partying is Too Much Partying


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​White Isle Journals #14: Solomun Discovers How Much Partying is Too Much Partying

Find out what happens when you DJ for three days and nights in a row.

Welcome to my White Isle Journals, where you'll get an inside look at my life in Ibiza during my Solomun +1 residency this summer at Pacha.

Every week, I'll bring you deep inside Ibiza life, up-close and personal and behind the scenes. Then, I'll pick my own +1 from the island to show you the beating heart of the White Isle––the people.

Lastly, I'll pick the track that took over the airwaves for me that week. There's so much going on, and on this party Island, you tend to forget fast. That's why I wanted to write it all down, so I can remember it all and share with you.


Last week was all about my friend Kristian, the DJ-part of Innervisions' finest, Âme. It all started on Saturday at SW4 Festival in London, where we played b2b. Then I went with him to an afterparty, where we continued our b2b mission until the morning. The day after, we flew together to Ibiza to play b2b at Pacha, then after that we carried on at The Kave afterparty to go on with b2b. If he didn't have to fly to Berlin after that, we'd still be playing b2b until now!

Kristian needed to go home to spend time with his family, so Dark Adrian from Adriatique (yes, that's what we call him), flew in from Paris on Monday morning to join the party. The Kave was amazing, like always. We stopped around 11PM with a Kraftwerk vs. Whitney Houston mash-up, and the whole kave was singing out loud: "Oh, I wanna dance with somebody! I wanna feel the heat with somebody who loves me!"

Was this a good moment to go home? I don't think so.

Instead, Adrian, the gang and I went to DC10 and were cheering all the other DJs there. At some point, I really can't remember, I must have promised one of the club owners of DC10 that I would play the afterparty the next day with Adrian. Honestly, I had no memory of making this agreement until the next afternoon at 5PM, when Adrian called me to say: "I'm on the way to pick you up. Afterparty!"

Who am I to disagree? A DJ's word counts even if the DJ can't remember anything. It's a matter of honor!


The good news at his point was: the after party was supposed to go until midnight, so I would be home early at 1AM for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, this was only in theory. In reality, I was home at 8 in the morning…

The madness didn't stop there. On Thursday there was Richie Hawtin's ENTER. As you can imagine, I was not on top of my all-time fitness level, but playing all night long on Space terrace at ENTER, that's the moment to pack your little DJ bag, put a black shirt on, and go into the booth to play some music…until 7 in the morning.

I can only say it was a great night. From what I heard, it was one of the best nights of this season. After I finished at 7 went to the main room where Richie and Dubfire connected their computers to play C2C. The atmosphere was really good, and both of them obviously enjoyed themselves.

Believe it or not, the moment Richie joyfully asked me if I wanted to join them in the booth, it was the first moment this week where I only said "no" and instantly went to bed. Enough is enough, obviously! Lucky for me, I had a free day after that. What a great week.

Introducing Melina

I met Melina last year in quite an absurd situation. One of my best friends got married, and I, as his best man, wanted to arrange his stag party. I rented a nice villa with a big pool, food, chefs and massages for the whole day and evening, the full treatment. The idea was not to have a party, because we have enough parties in general, but a really chilled easy day with friends in a nice environment.


I also wanted to offer my friend some eye-candy, so I asked a few female friends if they would know cool girls who would be keen to hang around with us one day, eat, drink, relax. It was important that we don't know the girls, because with the people we know, there's always the dangerous possibility that the whole thing turns into a crazy party.

One of those girls was Melina. She is a friend of friend's who travels a lot and is studying psychology in Zurich, now in her third semester. Most of the students quit after 2 semesters because of the tough statistic classes, but Melina has a knack for numbers and mathematics.

I met her last Friday at a festival in Zurich, told her that we are about to do a Kave afterparty on Monday. Since she witnessed the same party last year, she instantly booked her on a flight to Ibiza.

What's your name?
Melina Hürzeler

Where do you come from?
Zurich, Switzerland

Why Ibiza?
I was here last year for the whole summer and I guess if you did this one time then you always come back.

Why a Solomun party?
When I am in Ibiza I am at every Solomun party. Because all my friends are there and the music is great.

What will you do after finishing this interview?
I will go back to the villa where the kave party was on Monday and chill there, watch movies. No more party today!

Melina on Partying with Solomun

Like Mladen, I went there directly after Pacha to the Kave, where the after party was supposed to take place. The party was so good that nobody wanted to leave––Every time you wanted to go, the next track was even better then the previous one and so you were stuck!

The combination from Solomun, Âme and Dark Adrian was just genius. It was the same combination as last year, and for me the most outstanding one. I think the DJs really enjoyed their stay as well. They didn't want to stop!

Solomun's Ibiza Track of the Week

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