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Steve Aoki Is Getting Cryogenically Frozen

He was inspired by influential technologist Ray Kurzweil to make the move.
Photo by Robin Laananen

EDM celebrity Steve Aoki's Netflix documentary I'll Sleep When I'm Dead only just came out this past Friday, August 19, but he's already throwing the accuracy of its title into question with the recent revelation that he's planning to get his entire body cryogenically vitrified once he dies, with hopes that he'll eventually be revived. Aoki has enlisted the help of Scottsdale, Arizona's Alcor Life Extension Foundation for the process, which comes at a price tag of roughly $220,000 he said in an interview with Rolling Stone.


The 38-year-old DJ was inspired to make the move by reading influential technologist and inventor Ray Kurzweil, famous for books like The Singularity Is Near and The Age of Spiritual Machines. In case you needed it, the news provides definite confirmation that Aoki is a pedal-to-the-medal futurist, something he hinted at earlier this year by announcing a virtual reality album (not yet released) that will "revolutionize the way you listen to music."

Virtual reality is the future of art!— Steve Aoki (@steveaoki)April 12, 2016

On Sunday, fifteen people were injured at one of the DJ's shows in Oslo when the ceiling collapsed.

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