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Watch Our Entire Three-Part Series on the History of Electronic Music In Cuba

In SUB.Culture:Cuba we learn how a few pioneering electroacoustic musicians and a younger generation of DJ/producers have bridged the island's gap between technology and electronic beats.

In our latest edition of SUB.Culture, we traveled to Cuba to take a look at a dance music scene that's thriving despite the lack of technology available to artists on the island.

Cuba's electronic musicians have long adapted to alternative styles of creating music, straddling a world between modern computer-driven compositions and their country's own traditional sounds. Despite the delay in technological developments and periods of socioeconomic unrest, thanks to a few pioneering electroacoustic musicians and their legacy of a younger generation of Cuban artists, the gap between technology and electronic music has inched closer and closer as the island opened up to more tourism and international influence over the decades.

Through the stories of some of Cuba's most pioneering electronic artists, our latest three-part doc explores the island's rich electroacoustic music history to the latest movement of DJs pushing their own community forward, leading up to MANANA, Cuba's music festival.