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Thanks to Henry Krinkle's "So Long to Summer Mix" it Might Just Never Get Cold Out

This dude's groovy beats can indeed control the weather.
September 5, 2014, 8:15pm

The South-Florida bred producer by the name of Henry Krinkle is loving life right now. His recent bomb of a track, "Stay," was just given the wobbly-house once-over by the don of wobbly-house once-overs, Mr. Justin Martin. Currently the remix released by Ultra Records, is at number three on the Beatport charts, clawing at the heels of Afrojack and Gregor Salto to firm its status of worldwide domination—leaving all that big-room fluff in its wake. To help all of us forget the fact that the summer season is rapidly coming to a close, not to mention get us all sliding into the weekend in fine style, Henry sent us over his brand spankin' new "So Long to Summer Mix" and if we're lucky it just might delay the colder months for another fiscal quarter. TGIF!


Talaboman - Sideral
Leon Vynehall - Time
Shadow Child & Doorly - Piano Weapon
Bailey Jamille - Getting' Heavy (Jordan Fields Re-Edit)
Frits Wentink - Ligament
Saine - Tenfold
Joel Compass - Girlfriends (Pablo Nouvelle Remix)
Henry Krinkle - Stay (Justin Martin Remix)
Oliver Heldens - Gecko (Overdrive) (Extended Mix)
Unknown - Untitled

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