This story is over 5 years old.

Ever Wondered What Chopped and Screwed UK Funky Might Sound Like?

Trax Couture boss Rushmore's given everyone's favourite genre the 100BPM treatment.

The genre everyone loves because of THUMP favourite Harry Hill just won't go away. And for good reason too: in a musical landscape where everything's sort of edging towards the monotone and monochrome, UK Funky is a breath of fresh air. It's like throwing rainbow coloured paint into the club. Or something.

The big question on everyone's lips though is this: what would it sound like if you slowed UK Funky down to a pace that's more sweltering morning in Atlanta than sweaty night down at the Alibi? Wonder no more, because club music don and all round THUMP hero Rushmore's done just that.

Having already given footwork and Jersey Club the 100bpm treatment, the Trax Couture boss has turned his attention to funky. And guess what? It sounds great. Obviously it does, because everything sounds amazing when it's chopped and screwed. Check it out below:

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