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r/futurebeats Mix Series Vol. 4

In this mix series, DJ Spills traverses the archives of r/futurebeats and brings us the best tracks going up right now.

Spills is a producer who's deeply involved in the Reddit community r/futurebeats, a constantly updated archive of some of the best tracks and remixes coming out of the global beat scene. In this mix series, Spills traverses the archive and brings us the best tracks on r/futurebeats right now.


Spills - Teddy's Theme

Koreless - Sun

Justin Martin - Hood Rich

Goat - Goatman

Daniel Ryan - Nagasaki

Hot Sugar - Everybody's Parents Will Die


e-vax - The Process of Leaving

Gramatik - Balkan Express

Boy Eats Drum Machine - Gun Fight


Pretty Lights - Head Nod Freedom

Zion I - Human Being

Pretty Lights - Around The Block (feat. Talib Kweli)

James Blake - Take a Fall For Me (feat. RZA)

Cosmo Sheldrake - The Fly

Hudson Mohawke - The Harvest

honey and scum - OPEN WIDE

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