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Pretend You're On the Playa With Chus + Ceballos' Burning Man Ode "Black Rock City"

The Spanish duo's tribal tech-house will have you reaching for the nearest dust mask.

Chus + Ceballos call their blend of tribal tech-house the "Iberican sound," named after the Iberian peninsula of their native country, Spain. Even though made-up genres can be kind of sus, this one slides because A) it sounds kinda sexy, B) it's better than "dusty Burning Man house," and C) it ultimately is part of the duo's long-term goal of putting Spanish dance music on the global map.

"Black Rock City" is the duo's tribute to Burning Man—the festival that they say puts all other festivals to shame. Everything about the track is suited for the playa, from the tambourine-like crashes to the distant vocals, to the wandering synth lines that suggest blazing sunset horizons. "The fact that Burning Man is a non-profit gathering where there's no economic interest makes the festival a pure and genuine experience," they gush, "it's one of the most beautiful and inspiration things we've seen in our lives. That week was a life-changing experience and 'Black Rock City' is our tribute."

Stream the track, and check out the video for it below:

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