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Kickstart the Week with Helix's Huge Night Slugs Show on Rinse FM

Ease into Monday morning with this perfect blend of club music and....Craig David!?
September 28, 2015, 1:54pm

Fresh from his recent radio-destroying dangerous duo set with Leonce for Rinse's Fade to Mind show, the one and only DJ Helix beamed in from Florida last night to take control of the Night Slugs show and boy, oh boy, he smashed it.

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By now, the man known to his family as Beau Thigpen is one of our favourite DJs on the planet. He's fast, he's furious, he's ingenious and intuitive — one of those DJs who plays in such a way that you just know they could get away with playing pretty much anything. Last night Helix dropped everything from The-Dream to Makkonen to Galaxy 2 Galaxy cosmic techno to…Craig David. Listen back to the whole show below.

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