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The Daft Punk Arrested In France

Motorcycles, helmets and grand robbery to a techno beat.

The Daft Punk got arrested yesterday morning in Marseille, France after they broke a jewelry store window and robbed a significant amount of plunder. No, not that Daft Punk. While Thomas Bangalter chills in Los Angeles drinking white-wine spritzers with Todd Edwards, a gang of thieves — dressed in all back and wearing motorcycle helmets — have been pulling off a series of heists for the past weeks in Southern France. Some extremely clever sleuth minds have decided to call them Daft Punk… even though there are four of them instead of two. Anyways, even though they were probably thinking just "One More Time," they proved to be "Human After All" and this time they didn't "Get Lucky" (hey, what's a Daft Punk article without bad puns?) – the police caught them armed later during the day. Since they are probably going to spend some time in the pen, we made this playlist of samples that the real Daft Punk has "stolen" so they can think about how it would have been more clever to buy a computer and make music rather than using some 19th-century method to make money. Imbéciles!


Daft Punk - "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"
(Samples Edwin Birdsong - "Cola Bottle Baby")

Daft Punk - "Digital Love"
(Samples George Duke - "I Love You More")

Daft Punk - "One More Time"
(Samples Eddie Johns - "More Spell on You")

Daft Punk - "Aerodynamic"
(Samples Sister Sledge - "IL Macquillage Lady")

Daft Punk - "Robot Rock"
(Samples Breakwater -" Release the Beast")

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