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The Piss Couple of Seattle, Or Flume's Best Interview Ever

"I’m trying to keep a straight face and do the interview properly, while they’re swimming in piss next to the dumpster. The interviewers were too polite to say anything. They just rolled with it, the whole time."

On a recent Sunday night in Berlin, I was hanging out with Chad Gillard, the manager of Flume--a 21-year-old producer who is currently kicking One Direction and Justin Bieber's asses on the Australian charts. Chad showed me an iPhone photo of Flume laughing next to a young, leather-clad couple making out in front of a dumpster. The photo was poorly exposed, grainy, and aside from being a passably funny example of a successful photo-bomb, thoroughly unremarkable in every other regard. Then Chad told me that was taken during Flume's best interview ever.


I had to hear the full story behind the picture, so Chad arranged for us to meet Flume right outside Berghain and head straight to Splash Festival in Ferropolis, Germany, for his 2:30AM closing set. It was only after that set, while drinking everything in their fridge and watching the sun rising hot, that Flume and Chad sat down and told me their story of the "piss couple of Seattle."

Flume: We came out of the club in Seattle after a show, and there's this gothic couple just fucking grinding, like basically having sex against a trash dumpster. Grinding, just going nuts—

Chad: Before that, the guy, who looks like a crust punk bum, had fallen all the way down the staircase to take a piss at the bottom of the staircase. Then he fell again in his own piss.

Flume: Here we go, here's the story. Here's the story! [laughs]

Chad: So like, before the making out happened, this guy had already fallen in his own urine, like fallen down a big set of stairs. Then he finds the girl.

Flume: I was quite drunk by the time, but I remember these two really innocent young teenagers, who are really very shy, wanted to do an interview, and I was like, "Yeah, absolutely." They were super keen to do it. They couldn't get into the show, so they waited at the top of the staircase the whole night.

They got the camera ready, asked me a question, and then this couple was grinding against the bin, in urine, like, covered in piss, so I was like, "Fuck, like why don't we get involved too?" You know? So I was like, "Come over this way."



We'd all had our photos taken with them in the background already.

Flume: Yeah, so I started edging towards the couple, answering the usual questions, "What's it like doing the Flume thing, blah blah blah," and then I got really fucking close. Literally about a foot away from this grinding couple, and the camera was on. There was this bright light shining on them while I was answering. There was piss everywhere. But they didn't do a thing.

Chad: At this stage, all the promoters, the staff from the venue, there's like 20 people just standing around watching this happen. Everyone's laughing, and this couple's still just wild in love.

Flume: I'm trying to keep a straight face and do the interview properly, while they're swimming in piss next to the dumpster. The interviewers were too polite to say anything. They just rolled with it, the whole time.

THUMP: They didn't get that it was funny. 

Flume: The couple looked up at one point. We shined the camera away, stepped back a second. When they started grinding again, I just went right back. At one point the girl was like, "Shit, I think they're filming us."

THUMP: That's loose. What did they do?

Flume: They just kind of moved over. He pulled her over to the fence, started grinding her on the fence, which is in the photo, so we moved over to the fence too.

THUMP: You changed locations?

Flume: Yeah, then they actually fell down and just ate it, and that was it, they both passed out. Their heads went down.


THUMP: So the couple just passed out in the guy's piss.


We left them there, yeah. They were pretty much just on the floor, like, doing their thing.

THUMP: How do you feel in this photo? What are you thinking about?

Flume: I'm trying to focus on the interview, but I'm really excited about what's going on behind me. And I want to see… I was like, are they gonna fall down again? Is the piss puddle still there? What's gonna happen? It went on for a while. She said something real intense as well, at one point, like, "I really want to fuck you," or something hectic like that.

THUMP: It seems like that wouldn't be very difficult to work out.

Chad: The kids doing the interview were like Almost Famous types, they seemed so sweet and innocent.

THUMP: What was their response in the end? "Alright cool, good interview?"

Flume: They said "thanks man," like…

Chad: They took it real seriously, they weren't laughing at all.

THUMP: But they saw this happening. 

Flume: Yeah. They were like nervous and shaking. They were shaking, man. At the end they were like, "Can we get a photo?" I was like, "Absolutely." I made sure they stood aside, so you could see the couple chilling, and they put it on their blog.

Chad: They were serious.

Flume: I forced them to get among the gothic sex.

THUMP: Is that the best interview of all time? 

Flume: It was definitely up there.

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