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Zedd Accuses Singer of Plagiarizing "Candyman"

Zedd was made aware of similarities on Twitter.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

In a series of tweets, Zedd accused Chinese singer Zhang Wei Da of plagiarism. A Twitter user first pointed out the similarities and the controversy brewing online about the alleged plagiarism to Zedd on Friday. According to reports from Your EDM, the plagiarism in question stems from the producer's track "Candyman" which also features Aloe Blacc on vocals.

— JieLong (@Meon______)August 5, 2016

Zedd responded to fans by calling the music "blatantly stolen," and described "the track underneath the vox," the "structure, the synths" and even "the breaks and fills," as copies of his original. Read Zedd's tweets below. In July, THUMP wrote about how Zedd is the nicest star in EDM.

— Zedd (@Zedd)August 5, 2016

— Zedd (@Zedd)August 5, 2016

— Zedd (@Zedd)August 5, 2016