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Listen to a Bonus ‘Live From Rezzed’ Episode of the Waypoint UK Podcast

We’re joined by the makers of ‘Knights and Bikes’ and ‘Gang Beasts’.

Above: EGX Rezzed 2017 photograph by Isha Shah

Hey, you. Welcome to a bonus Waypoint UK Podcast, recorded live at London's EGX Rezzed show—a wonderful place where a plethora of indie video games, and their makers, come together with players to have three days of sharing, caring and, hopefully, just a little raving.

On this podcast, James Brown of Boneloaf, makers of mirth-filled multiplayer beat 'em up Gang Beasts, and Rex Crowle and Moo Yu from Foam Sword, who are producing the wonderfully cute Knights and Bikes, join us—"us" being Mike Diver and Kate Gray—to talk about all manner of stuff. Stuff like: getting your game out there, dealing with publishers, the indie community, Brexit's potential impact, and the sacrificing of family pets.


As we chat a little about Brexit, expect a swear word or two. Sorry about that. It's almost entirely Mike's fault. (No almost about it.)

Do also listen out for terrible attempts at regional accents and just the occasional pop and sizzle in terms of audio quality, as this was recorded live at the show, with equipment we don't usually use for our podcasts in the UK. Which is my way of saying/admitting: I don't really know what I'm doing, here, exactly. (Many thanks to Matt for ensuring it won't destroy your ears.)

Stream/download the podcast below.

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