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Avalon Emerson, Huerco S and the Seven Best Things We Heard This Week

Also featuring Kowton, Cooly G, and Young Thug.

With new releases from Arca, the Blaze, Future Islands and the big man Harry Styles, there hasn't been a more exciting week in music since way back in March 2003 when the ever ebullient Gareth Gates dropped a rendition of "Spirit in the Sky" with the Kumars. However, don't let the excitement of those releases, or the memory of Sanjeev Bhaskar, distract you from the other great bits of new music released this week. Kowton has teased some new material, S-Type has produced a truly disturbing Young Thug remix, Job Jobse has turned in a podcast for XLR8, and Cooly G's recent set for Balamii has hit their Soundcloud. Rush Hour's Antal has shared a session of heavenly gospel, Huerco S has delivered another breath-taking session and finally Avalon Emerson has uploaded her electrifying recent Printworks set.


1. Kowton - Pea Soup

2. Young Thug - Tellin Em (S-Type Version)

3. Job Jobse - XL8R Podcast 484

4. Cooly G - Peckham Music Festival Balamii Takeover

5. Antal - US Gospel Mix

6. Huerco S - Études Mix 20

7. Avalon Emerson - Live at Printworks, March 2017

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