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HP Lovecraft Comes to the World of Anime!

'Force of Will' features a girl who has the power to give life to the things she writes.

A monster stalks and destroys everything that crosses its path in a feature film inspired by The Call of Cthulhu, the immortal story by sci-fi scion HP Lovecraft. The film, by Yamatoworks, is titled Force of Will, and it revolves around a girl who has the power to give life to the very words she writes. The animated tale is a riveting and emotional tour de force.

While there is still very little information on its release, its soundtrack, by Yutuka Yamada— known for his composition for Tokyo Ghoul—and direction by Shuhei Morita promise that Force of Will will be worth the wait. As the world crashes around us in real life, we look forward to escaping into the imaginative anime world of this forceful female writer. Check out the trailer below:


To learn more about Force of Will, click here.

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