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Here’s What Happens When Three Pounds of Molten Lead is Mixed with Coke

Is it art?

The internet has an insatiable thirst for watching shit get destroyed. This time, the contents of a Coca-Cola can transforms into a debatable piece of "art" when it's combined with three pounds of molten lead.

Jeff Heeszel, a walking science experiment better known by his Taofledermaus channel on YouTube, fired up his $20 camp stove. He admits that he doesn't do reviews, but to prove how powerful the stove is, he lit up three pounds of lead and melted it down at 621° F.

Obviously the next logical step is to "dump a whole bunch" of Coca-Cola in and see what happens! Well, nothing exploded and even Heeszel admits "something unexpected" happened: a piece of art?

He claims it looks like Vincent Van Gogh's iconic "Starry Night."