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Cult Favorite 'The Chris Gethard Show' Is Doing a Virtual Reality Livestream

In the future, everyone can be on TV (or at least feels like they are).
Image: The Chris Gethard Show

The Chris Gethard Show the cult comedy talk show that recently made the jump to cable, announced today that it will be live-streaming its next episode over virtual reality devices. With help from the VR entertainment company Surreal, the Fusion network show will be streaming a VR component that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the show through the use of Google Cardboard, a DIY VR device that attaches to users' smartphones.


The enhanced episode will be streaming online at and on YouTube. Those without VR headsets—meaning most people—can still "watch in 360 degrees," through im360's spherical video, which basically looks like a real-time Google street view.

The episode, which will be live-streamed on Aug. 4 at 8 PM and then air on Fusion on Aug. 6, will also feature Kumail Nanjiani of the appropriately tech-y Silicon Valley.

This isn't TCGS's first experiment with interactivity. The show, which was a staple of New York public access before moving to cable, has allowed fans to call in through Skype, sit on the guest panel, and even actively disrupt the show with something called a "goat button."

It's not clear yet what the VR experience will entail and, like The Chris Gethard Show itself, VR can often be a disappointment and even cause "cybersickness." But "TCGS" has done plenty of VR-translatable stunts—including knife juggling and hanging out with a bunch of dogs—so even if the episode isn't funny, there's a good chance it'll look neat—and hopefully not make people sick. More importantly, if all goes well, then maybe all television shows will start doing this and I can finally fulfill my dream of being on The Price is Right.