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Here's the Set That Got DJ Shadow Kicked off the Decks

"Too future for y'all."

If if you somehow missed it: DJ Shadow, the turntablism pioneer and author of such classics as Entroducing, got kicked off the decks at a Miami bottle service-type club called Mansion. In the middle of a not-especially-future drum 'n' bass cut, he got on the mic and explained, "I've waited a long time to play here, but they said this shit is too future for y'all." The incident turned into a bit of a scandle in the land of dance music and, not long after, the club apologized and promised it will never again "stifle" the creativity of the DJs it books and pays a lot of money to.


Presumably, this means mostly not booking those DJs and hopefully the realization that not every DJ with name-brand recognition is suited for a slick bottle service club. Which I think is a fairly widespread misconception among places like Mansion: that they are the arbiters of dance music culture, and not overpriced parodies of it.

So, DJ Shadow released his Mansion set the other day as a mix on Soundcloud. It's not particularly weird or "future," unless you consider the creative mixing of different music genres--hip-hop, trap, house, beyond--"future." In what you might consider a good "fuck you" to the club, the mix is currently sporting nearly a quarter-million listens.