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Gordie Howe Jersey Stolen from Saskatchewan Rink Could Cost Kids Their Hockey Season

A signed Mr. Hockey jersey, which was to be raffled off to raise money for a local rink in Asquith, Saskatchewan, was stolen over the weekend.
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

A signed No. 9 Gordie Howe Red Wings jersey autographed by Mr. Hockey himself was stolen from the very same rink it was going to raise money for.

The arena located in Asquith, Saskatchewan, Howe's home province, was the scene of the robbery which took place over the past weekend.

The jersey was set to be raffled off during an annual fundraiser to raise money to help cover the costs of maintenance and keeping the rink afloat. The loss of the jersey was a devastating blow to the kids who rely on the rink. Without the funds from raffling the Howe jersey, they might not get to play hockey next year, said Jody Nehring of the Asquith community sports centre.


"There were a lot of tears shed," she told 650 CKOM.

Nehring suggests the thieves specifically targeted the jersey, as it was locked in a back room and only brought out on display when tickets were being sold.

The item was donated to the arena by one of Howe's relatives.

Howe, arguably the greatest player to ever play the game, played in 25 NHL seasons with the Detroit Red Wings, and ranks only second to Wayne Gretzky in total career goals with 801.

Mr. Hockey, the iconic nickname of the NHL legend, died last June at the age of 88.