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Sporting's Teo Gets a Yellow Card For Using Referee's Line Spray in Goal Celebration

The Banksy of the pitch.

There are at least as many ways to celebrate goals as there are goals in the world, so why not go for some crazy ass shit? In today's Europa League match between Sporting Portugal and Besiktas, Teofilo Gutierrez (best known as Teo) went whole hog on a goal celebration that saw him disarm a referee of his line spray, walk over to the spot he took the shot, and try to tag his own name (or something) on the pitch. Pretty suave move—one that, understandably, earned him a yellow card.

Oh, but it was well worth it.

Oh, and to add some more icing (isn't that what referees draw lines with?) to Sporting's cake, their opening goal of their 3-1 win was a beauty. Check it out:

Too bad it wasn't Teo, though. He would've tagged up the whole field by the end of this match.