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[NSFW] A Boatful of Senior Citizens Get Freaky in this Animated Short

High seas hijinks unfold on a party boat for swinging seniors in 'NSFWhale.'
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Hunters become the hunted in this modern day Moby Dick animation entitled NSFWhale. In this short film by Nathan Campbell and Alec Cummings, an intrepid captain of a small whaling boat is caught in a race with a ginormous irate whale after one of her feeble minded deckhands drops a whaling spear into the ocean. After the whale lays waste to her ship, our captain finds refuge on what she thinks is a passing cruise ship, only to find what turns out to be a weird swingers party boat for seniors. What follows is a brief, yet disturbing, montage of a nursing home’s rampant aquatic bacchanalia. The captain’s wake accidentally leads the whale to the cruise ship, but the parade of sexual activity quickly scares it off. Mortified, our captain and the whale swim off into the sunset. Check out the video in its entirety below:


NSFWhale from on Vimeo.

To check out more work by Nathan Campbell, head over to his website. And to learn more about Alec Cummings, click here.


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