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Roger Goodell Says "Bring it On" When Booed, Reaches Full-On Super Villain Mode

Overlord Goodell took to his fascist war declaration podium and was greeted with sheer vitriol.

If you think that Roger Goodell stays awake at night wondering how you really feel about him, you've got another thing coming, friend-o.

Despite the fact that the horrible, horrible excuse for a human being has repeatedly ignored calls for increased safety measures (making him at least indirectly responsible for deaths and brain damage), looked the other way during heinous criminal acts committed by players, refused to increase severity of punishment for domestic violence, was directly involved in disastrous Deflategate and Spygate scandals, fucked hard with league finances, and continues to permit Washington to use a marginalized people as a mascot, he carries with him no remorse or self-recognition that maybe—just maybe—he is a living, breathing cartoon super villain.

Well, today, all of that all precipitated into one culminating moment as Overlord Goodell took to his fascist war declaration podium before the NFL draft, stared down a public that was littering him with boos (his mere presence elicits vitriol nowadays) and asked for more hatred. He actually uttered the phrase "bring it on," thus completing his transition into a full-blown Satan-human. (I left a little extra video of him introducing Lance Briggs, so that you can appreciate the stark contrast of what it sounds like when people cheer someone actually loveable.)

But little do you know, servant, that your boos only make Goodell stronger. Muahahahahahha…