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Bernard Tomic Said Some Pretty Filthy Things About His Balls to a U.S. Open Fan

Bernard "I will put my balls in your mouth" Tomic had an interesting day at the U.S. Open.

"I will put my balls in your mouth" and "I will give you some money to make you feel good". Quotes: Bernard Tomic
— Alex (@tennisguru100) August 30, 2016

OK! So, that is indeed pretty filthy. I doubt any fan attending the U.S. Open this afternoon expected to hear the phrase "I will put my ball in your mouth" today, but hey, you can't predict tennis. I'm not sure what the spectator said to elicit this reaction from Bernard Tomic, though I'm also not sure what, if anything, could have justiifed it. All I do know is that after this little exchange, chair umpire Cedric Mourier asked Tomic what the little ball outburst was all about and he simply said "he was saying some shit to me."

Tomic was also overheard telling someone—possibly the same spectator, but who really knows—to "suck my balls."

"Suck my balls", Tomic to an annoying spectator, making Dzumhur stop his service motion. #usopen #tomic
— Alex (@tennisguru100) August 30, 2016

So there you have it. Tomic went full Cartman—in front of the crowd at the Old Grandstand in Flushing, his opponent, Bosnian Damir Džumhur(who did the tennis serve version of a double-take), and most importantly, ESPN's cameras and microphones.

Tomic lost to Džumhur in four sets.