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Bucks Beat Bulls at the Buzzer

The Bucks forced Game 5 against the Bulls with a buzzer-beating layup from Jerryd Bayless.

The Milwaukee Bucks survived Jimmy Butler's first half performance and forced a Game 5 with a buzzer-beating win courtesy of Jerryd Bayless. With the score tied at 90-90 and the shot clock turned off, Derrick Rose and the Bulls were in position to end the series, but Rose turned the ball over with about two seconds left. Just as soon as Khris Middleton got his hands on the ball, Bucks coach Jason Kidd called timeout before he heaved a desperation shot from half court that Butler blocked anyway.

Tom Thibodeau was hot-pissed, but you could see Kidd and Jared Dudley both calling timeout almost immediately. The Bucks then got the the ball at half court with 1.3 seconds left, and Dudley lofted the inbound pass to Bayless, who was cutting back to the rim behind Rose. He went high off the glass just as time expired and it dropped in for a 92-90 win.