This Flop is So Outrageous It's Mesmerizing

Oregon's Dillon Brooks jumped all the way across the key attempting to draw a foul. It's strangely beautiful.
January 27, 2017, 3:56pm

Dillon Brooks returned the Oregon Ducks last night against Utah after missing one game with a banged up ankle. He had a pretty good night, scoring 17 points in 36 minutes of action. He also pulled off an absolutely sensational flop about halfway through the second half. It had a little bit of everything, except for actual physical contact, and is already being hailed (by me, at least) as an instant classic of the genre. It was an exaggerated process with several steps; first Brooks did the classic arms up and "whoa!!!" face, but then added some spice to it.

After the initial "contact" and reaction, Brooks actually stopped for a moment to look at the referee and then hopped back on one foot. As if sensing this was not enough to draw the charge, Brooks doubled down, and spring-boarded himself across the court. He jumped clear across the key! I might argue it is the best flop I've ever seen, and exponentially more graceful than the usual contenders.

Brooks was called for a foul on the play. Art is never truly appreciated in its time.