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Robin Lopez Ejected for Smacking Chris Paul in the Face

Chris Paul got under Robin Lopez's skin and got his face mangled for it.
January 23, 2016, 4:10pm

The Knicks lost to the Clippers 116-88 last night, but at least Robin Lopez didn't have to watch all of it. Halfway through the third quarter, Robin Lopez and Chris Paul were battling for a loose ball rebound after Lopez stuffed himself on a follow-up layup. Paul shoved his forearm into Lopez's chest and Lopez reacted by mauling Paul in the face.

Lopez was hit with two technical fouls and ejected from the game. DeAndre Jordan earned himself a T because he came in to protect his point guard and shoved Lopez out of the way. Paul Pierce also got hit with a technical on the play.

After the game, Lopez was…sort of contrite? Noting that it was "chippy" out there, not uncommon with Chris Paul, Lopez said "It happened so fast. Kind of hard to recall, but maybe I overreacted a little bit. What happened, happened. I'm OK with it."

Paul's lip got busted up in the fray and trainers checked him out, but he was fine to return.