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Brown University Lacrosse Player Scores Devious Underhanded Goal

Why you gotta shoot overhand all the time? It's boring.
May 28, 2016, 8:15pm

Brown University's Bailey Tills has a pretty solid lax bro name—sounds yacht-y enough (despite him being from landlocked Denver). And a name you might remember, at least for a minute after watching this filthy underhanded goal.

For the uninitiated to lacrosse, it's not easy to inside roll your defender. They like to stay top-side and put enough pressure on you that you're forced back to X—the space behind the goal. Even if you get to the coveted five yards up, and five yards out, the defender's longstick gets all up in your shooting business.


And that's what makes Tills' goal in today's NCAA Men's D1 Semifinals against Maryland so astounding. Not only does he nearly Finalize his man, he forgoes the inside roll and the typical overhand form, and just scoops the ball slyly, no-look, in the space underneath his defender's stick, and in the goalie's five hole.

Lost in the terminology? Let's just say this shit doesn't happen too often. And he made it look good.


It turns out some guy named Matt Dunn from Maryland just laxed his way into this 50-yard goal. It was an empty net, but still. This is nasty.

Matt Dunn looking like @StephenCurry30 with the goal from DEEP! @TerpsMLax #ESPNULax


May 28, 2016