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Tennessee's Armani Moore has the Flop of the Season so Far

He sold it well.
December 12, 2015, 9:25pm

Tennessee senior forward Armani Moore is a pretty stout guy and yet somehow Butler Kellen Dunham was able to toss him to the ground while battling for rebounding position. It seems impossible, right? I mean, it's like Dunham is secretly a super hero who let his strength get away from him for a second. So, we contacted ESPN's SportsScience guy John Brenkus to see if he could run some tests on this and get to the bottom of it.

Me: Hey, Brenk-man, what's popping?


Brenkus: Nada mucho, mi amigo. What's good with you?

Me: Just wanted to get to the bottom of this Armani Moore/Kellen Dunham thing. Seems nuts!

Brenkus: I was just in my lab looking at this. Ran a bunch of tests: double-checked the mass equivalency vectors for each guy, dove into their epidermal crust and viscosity control, took some liberties and guestimated at the osteo-fulcrum points for each, and then I bashed a loaf of bread into a brick. The results were pretty astonishing.

Me: Oh shit, yeah?

Brenkus: Yes. Moore totally flopped. The key was, Dunham barely touched him, and yet Moore went flying to the court and actually rotated 180 degrees out of nowhere.

Me: Brenk-man does it again! Genius.

h/t @Sam_Vecenie