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Childish Gambino's "Me and Your Mama" Video Is a Trippy, VR Space-Funk Experience

Plus, details from his first interview since the release of '"Awaken, My Love!"'

If there's one thing people can agree on about Donald Glover's psychedelic soul opus "Awaken, My Love!" it's that he's attempting to bring back P-funk auteur George Clinton's space-age soul for the Snapchat era. In keeping with this futuristic mindset, Glover announced a virtual-reality vinyl version of the album for next year and in his first post-album interview with Australia's Triple J, Glover says that the vinyl is meant to bring his VR concert experience home for fans who couldn't be there in person. To that end, he's released a music video for "Me and Your Mama" that looks like it's from the event in question.


While artists from Run the Jewels to Dawn Richard to Jazz Cartier have been among the many to experiment with VR, Gambino uses the form to document the live show. It's themed around Awaken's 70s-inspired Afrofuturist visual aesthetic, which is to say it looks like Herbie Hancock's Sextant album artwork as well as Parliament and Funkadelic's own out-there live performances. Glover himself appears in blacklit tribal paint while the viewer can look around at the band, the audience, and the astral projections surrounding the whole thing.

Watch the "Me and Your Mama" VR video below and listen to Childish Gambino's full Triple J interview (complete with him being jazzed about the Roots' Questlove appreciating Awaken) right here.

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